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The price is in our name!

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With Affordable Glass Block LLC, you'll work directly with the owner of the company, Bruce Knight. We are a true family business. No fluff. We pass our savings on to you.


We do commercial work, too

Turn a dark, dingy living room into a bright, sunny family space. Give that outdated kitchen a contemporary makeover. Seal that drafty window and make it look cool.


Glass block makes it all possible

Who knew that a simple block could be so powerful? When glass blocks are put to work, the results can be positively magic! Call Affordable Glass Block LLC to see how easy it would be to work some into your home or office.

Amazing Looks,  Affordable Prices

The versatility of glass block is almost endless. From kitchen islands to office partitions, Affordable Glass Block LLC brings a touch of class and creativity to any environment.


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