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Putting up a wall can stifle the look and feel of your home. Try one of our glass block partitions for a better alternative.

Effective space management


When you switch to a glass block partition, you'll still get the visual and less confining appearance of an entire room with a clear and structurally sound space. Call Affordable Glass Block LLC today to learn more.

Built to last - every time

 •  Versatility

 •  Light transmission

 •  Energy savings

 •  Virtually unbreakable

 •  Low maintenance

We offer you professional installation, at do-it-yourself prices

Whether it's an entrance, stairwell, foyer, lobby, office, or more, a glass partition will create an atmosphere that you'll love!

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The power of a square

Any room will do

Affordable Glass Block LLC earned its reputation converting basement windows, but that's just a small part of what we can do for your home or office. Make a small room appear more open or a boring bathroom, more stylish with glass block walls. Make a "man cave" more inviting with a glass block bar. Or tell us your ideas!

We do partitions and a whole lot more